Prima Projector Google feed xml Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector (-$400) any other projector you’ve seen, Prima turns every moment into the ultimate multimedia experience: ● Easily pocket it wherever you go: portable slim and as light as an iPhone 8 Plus! ● Powerful 1080p resolution and screen projection of up to 200 inches, so you can watch your movies in HD quality ● Cutting edge DLP technology makes Prima ideal for use in even low light environments ● Operate from anywhere with Bluetooth remote ● Connect via USB, headphone jack, Airplay, screen mirroring, Bluetooth and HDMI/MHL ● No app installation required: screen sharing via Android or iOS ● Keystone correction and cooling system so your projector can be used at any angle anywhere ● Up to 3 hours of internal battery shopify_US_1726464262215 shopify_US_1726464262215_40003481141405 new 799.00 USD399.00 USDin stock primaprojector US-Prima-Projector_美规Prima投影仪 projector 0.0 kg 120” Portable Screen Now you can carry your own cinema-quality projection screen in your glove compartment or backpack! This rugged matte-white screen goes anywhere (perfect for outdoor movie nights!) and is made precisely for Prima Projector’s dimensions. Lightweight, wrinkle-free, and machine washable, you’ll be able to enjoy 120” 1080p awesomeness in a matter of seconds no matter where you are. Made from our proprietary wrinkle-Free spandex weave, the screen will stay silky smooth and crease-free no matter how much folding and shoving it endures Heavy-duty, dense materials make for a durable screen and provide a better picture due to decreased light penetration Lightweight and easily portable, “120 screen weighs less than 2 lbs. and folds to the size of a pair of pants Cinema-quality and mega-sized—120 inches! 12 reinforced grommets allow for easy hanging, latching, taping, or draping from any angle Double-sided projection screen means you can watch from the front and project from the back. No more dodging the projection as you run for more popcorn! Waterproof and machine washable shopify_US_1848655413319 shopify_US_1848655413319_17813868937287 new 49.90 USDin stock primaprojector Screen accessory 0.0 kg Carrying Case Durable strong case for Prima Projector. Made of good quality EVA to provide a long lasting performance. Special design for Prima Projector and its accessories. You could safely take it with your projector anywhere.  shopify_US_4383379521675 shopify_US_4383379521675_31459654172811 new 39.99 USD15.00 USDin stock Prima Projector Prima-case accessory 0.0 kg Traveler's Bundle- Prima HD Projector + 120" Portable Screen your game on anytime, anywhere with Prima Projector + 120 inch portable screen. Buy it together and get over 57% discount!  If there is no flat surface available, this 120 inch screen saves the day. This portable screen is:  ✓ lightweight- so it goes along with your backpack or carry ✓ wrinkle-free- so can watch your movies in every angle ✓ machine- washable- you can use it over an over again.  We make it sure that you have the entertainment you deserve! Prima Projector + Portable Screen is better together... even better with over 57% discount!  shopify_US_4112570122311 shopify_US_4112570122311_30145443889223 new 849.00 USD445.00 USDin stock Prima Projector Prima-traveler-bundle_投影仪, 幕布 Bundle 0.0 kg 32GB USB Stick simplest and fastest way to TRIPLE your Prima internal storage. A perfect companion for watching movies and shows or listening to music offline.● A compact, plug-and-stay, high-speed flash drive that's ideal for adding more storage to your Prima Projector and other laptops, game consoles, in-car audio and more● Read speeds up to 150 MB/s● Write up to 15x faster than standard USB sticks - transfer a full-length movie in less than 30 seconds!● Low profile to keep your Prima Projector compact and portable● Be left plugged in even in the Prima carrying case!● Compatible with USB 3.1, USB 3.0, and USB 2.0 shopify_US_1848658919495 shopify_US_1848658919495_17813921497159 new 17.50 USD15.00 USDin stock primaprojector gb-32 accessory 0.0 kg HDMI Cable Prima Projector has an input of Mini HDMI, not regular HDMI! Instantly set up your projector and start watching movies and playing games by adding on our top quality high-speed Mini HDMI to HDMI cable. High-speed Mini HDMI to HDMI cable, A to C type Works with HDTVs, digital cameras/camcorders, MP3 players, and other HDMI devices Supports Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return (no need for separate cables) Meets the latest HDMI standards (4K Video at 60 Hz, 2160p, 48 bit/px color depth) that support bandwidth up to 18Gbps and backward compatible with earlier versions Cable Length: 6 feet (1.8 meters) Utilizes gold-plated conductors that resist corrosion and increase connectivity.  Proprietary inner braiding foil shielding that reduces interference and improves signal quality NOTE: Not compatible with any device that only has a Micro-HDMI port as opposed to a Mini-HDMI port (also called HDMI D type) shopify_US_1848656330823 shopify_US_1848656330823_17813885255751 new 24.95 USD19.95 USDin stock primaprojector HDMI-cable accessory 0.0 kg Ultimate Entertainment Bundle- Prima Projector + HDMI cable + 32G USB stick your game on with Prima Projector + HDMI cable + USB Stick. Buy it together and get more than 50% OFF! And as always, there is FREE worldwide shipping.  The Ultimate Entertainment Bundle is really the all-in package for on-demand streaming.  Prima Projector is the most portable projector to get your TV on the go Min HDMI to HDMI cable is a high-speed, C type cable that works with all your HDMI devices. It is durable, fast, and multiple compatibility.  32G USB stick for storage on the go. Prima is equipped with 8GB ROM, but shall you need MORE, this handy USB stick is your on the go choice.  Buy now and get more than 50% OFF!    shopify_US_4112570351687 shopify_US_4112570351687_30145446412359 new 834.00 USD422.00 USDin stock Prima Projector Prima-投影仪, HDMI, U盘 Bundle 0.0 kg