Apps and gadgets to help you survive this school year

We're like counting days and it's almost the end of summer. But it doesn't mean that you have to endure another school year without having fun! Here are some "survival tools" you need to get you through this year. 


1. Headspace App

Touted at the "App of the Year", thousands of people has benefited from scheduled time alone anytime of the day. We prepare for everything, might as well prepare for challenges ahead. 


2. Beats Pill 

A portable speaker is a must for every backpack out there. From your dorm room to classroom, you'll never gonna know when you need it. 


3. Microsoft Surface Go

Perfect for on-the-go presentations and note-taking, this touchscreen tablet is light, portable, and comes at a pretty sweet price point.


4. Rocket Book

If you are a big note-taker and care about those thousands of notebooks' pages that you tear, there is Rocket Book for you to save all paper and digitize your notes. 


5. Prima Projector

You don't need to go to the library anymore to have access to audio-visual room. With Prima Projector, you can have a large screen anytime, anywhere. 

6. Fitbit Alta HR

School doesn't need to be on your seat all day. Track your steps, sleep, calories burned, and exercise with this cute smartwatch,