Prima Tips and Tricks

Turning on the display light: 

You just charged your projector but still no light coming from it? Simply turn on the device with switch from the side and hold down the power button in touch screen for 5-10 seconds. 

Also, remember to slide the cover lens. It might be blocking the light from the projector. 

Casting Netflix or Youtube


Casting Netflix or Youtube via eshare

There are two ways you can cast, one is via Eshareserver (in app) , and the other one is via Miracast or Airplay. 

Upon turning on your projector, find the app "EShareServer" and follow the steps on the screen. Note that your phone and Prima projector must share the same wifi network. You can also use Prima's hotspot to connect your device.

You should see something like this: 

Now you can play ANY movie or show on Netflix!  


Bonus: Creative ways on how to enjoy "lazy entertainment"  

(pictures from our happy customers!)

Cast videos on ceiling


Or play games with it!