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Our story

Putting all your entertainment in your pocket is nothing new—we’ve been loading our games, movies, music and more onto our smartphones for years. But until now, we were forced to accept tiny screens and terrible phone speakers as the only way to enjoy our media on the go.

The minds at Prima decided that this needed to change.

What if you could not only store your entertainment in your pocket, but also have a huge 1080p screen, Hi-Fi speakers, WiFi, Google Play and more anywhere on the globe? By combining top tech from Bluetooth and Android with brand new advances found exclusively in Prima, our engineers trimmed and tailored Prima to be the most compact and powerful portable projector on the market.

Our goal is not to create just another projector. At Prima, we’re dedicated to changing the way you think about entertainment.


Our Team

The Prima team was formed in 2018. It is made up of engineers and entertainment enthusiasts from around the globe. Our team prides itself on its ability to combine existing technology with new innovations to work towards a common goal—ushering users into a new era of portable entertainment. The Prima team collaborates from its offices in Los Angeles and Hong Kong.