Black Friday 2019 Tech Deals-- Our Prediction


Black Friday 2019 Tech Deals

Black Friday always kickoff the holidays (and shopping!) season. This season is surely a big time for retailers and customers, as deals on tech, home, apparel, and accessories abound the Internet. 

So what are the deals that you should take advantage of? First, take a second thought on those deals that are available in-store only, or those that makes you line up. They are most likely available in limited quantities. The best deals are those that are available online. So save your time, savor that turkey, and shop from the comforts of your living room. 

We don't have the best deals yet, but we have some always dependable deals that are sure to have something for you this Black Friday 2019. 

1. Amazon Fire HD

Last year's best-selling HD tablet is set to have its lowest price again this 2019. Expect it to hit around $99. 


2. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon is and will always be the king of deals. Amazon Echo Dot dropped to $19 on Prime Day, and we expect it to have a similar deal this Black Friday or bundled with other hardware. 


3. Google Home Mini

This Prime Day, Google Home Mini is at its lowest at $24. Expect it to mirror a similar jaw-dropping deal. Walmart is your best bet for this. 



4. Microsoft Xbox Console

Xbox is frequently in the "want" list. We can't say that there will be a huge discount for this, but our best bet is at $299 price, but will be in limited quantities. 

5. Prima Projector

We always love you give you the best deals. Prima Projector might be off to the biggest discount ever (more than 70% off), so better watch out for that! Expect the price to be lower than $299, and get more savings for bundles.