Gadgets for the Lazy in All of us

Gadgets for the Lazy in All of us

Laziness doesn't only mean exerting less to no effort in doing something. Nowadays it means finding ways we can fit in more things in less time. Or finding stuff that can do us two things at the same time. For "the lazies" in all of us, remote control is the king. We scoured the internet for the gadgets that brings out that laziness. 

1. Have you house cleaned with robot vacuum cleaners

Not only this vacuum cleaner cleans all the dust, lint, pet hair, dander, and allergens, it is also self-cleaning. It is easy to use and have a 'sensor navigation' so it can go through your pile of stuff. 



2. Let a robot take charge of cleaning the screens of your phone, computer, and tablet

Our phones gather dust and germs all the time. In fact our phones are found to be dirtier than a toilet seat. So clean your phones, tablets, and computer screens with this multi-functional cleaning robot (another robot, do you notice the trend here?) 



3. Minimize kitchen trips with remote and bottle opener in one 

There is no shame in not wanting to get up from your seat all day long. That's why this gadget is invented so you can just have a cooler beside you, TV, remote control and the bottle opener attached to it.




4. Watch a movie projected on your ceiling

If watching TV is a becoming a pain in the neck (literally!), you can just lie down and experience your favorite movie or TV show streamed from your ceiling. This projector has autofocus so you are guaranteed to have the best viewing point as possible. 


5. Give a damn about resting and get that ostrich pillow 

It looks weird, let's admit that. But when you are tired and cranky, a good nap will restore your mood. Just find a chair, a clean table (or a wall!), and a good place where you can just crawl your head into the pillow and sleep. Your coworkers might laugh at you, but guess who feels rested now? 


6. Save on food with intelligent refrigerator. 

Don't rely on your memory to tell you that the gallon of milk you just bought will expire soon, or you don't have any more Ben & Jerry's for the movie night. This intelligent refrigerator is connected to an app that lets you browse what's in your fridge anytime, anywhere.