What are the most common projector issues?

You have your projector ready, packed it in your suitcase, but you just realized that it's not working. Is it charged? Is one of the parts missing? Read on about how to troubleshoot common projector issues. 

Take note that the best projectors out there offer a warranty of one year. It guarantees the replacement or repair within a specified period of time. 


1. Overheating

Tp produce the best contrast and brightness as possible, projectors need power. The brighter the resolution needs to be, the higher the amount of power needs to be produced. Hence some projectors tend to have some noise-- which is the cooling system in the works. IF your projector doesn't produce any noise, then it means the fan isn't working, causing your projector to overheat. In the event this happens, be sure to: 

  • Remove your projector from direct source of heat or sunlight
  • Do not cover it with any cloth; cool air should always be around it. 


2 Projector turning on/off repeatedly

 When a projector turns on and then off immediately, several factors are at play. Be sure to perform the following checks: 

  • Check if the fan is dusty. Sometimes dust can accumulate and blocks the power sources. 
  • Be sure that it is properly charged. 


3. Distorted colors of images

Check in the settings about images resolution, and also check with your device. At times, you just need to turn it off and back again so the settings can restart. 


4. Images with shadows

This projector issue only occurs on DLP Projectors. It can be caused by two things, either the mirror or the main board. It is difficult for the user to know which of the two is problematic hence, you have to visit a technician to assess the problem. If you notice the problem lies in the mirror, consider yourself lucky since mirrors are cheap to repair. If the problem extends to the main board, just buy one of the latest projector models.

5. Projector images with colored edges

A faulty LCD prism causes this problem on LCD projectors. Unlike other components, an LCD prism is relatively expensive. The best solution is to buy a new projector. Only consider replacement if the model offers a cheap but reliable LCD prism.

6. Inputs not working

Check the inputs to ensure that they are connected perfectly. If the problem persists, then it is likely that the main board of your projector has failed. 


portable movie projector is important in presentations but it can malfunction during a live lecture or meeting. It is advisable to have a backup projector during an important meeting to avoid delays and embarrassment. However, the projector issues mentioned above are easy to solve. It is a   good practice to test your portable projector a few minutes before people assemble to watch a film or a presentation. Always buy the best projector to avoid facing some minor projector problems.