We ranked the most-talked pocket projectors out there

pocket projectors

Pocket projectors are not only great for occasional movie nights, it is also a must-have for indoor and outdoor camping trips. Read on about how to the latest pocket projectors stack up! We summarized the pros and cons of the best projectors right now in the market.


BenQ GV1


The Pros: 

sleek and cool design

- USB type C input

The Cons: 

- lack of HDMI input. 

- mirroring is limited to android

- manual adjustment

- brightness dips when outside the light. 

Overall score: 5/10 

Price: US$349


Nebula Capsule II


The Pros: 

- newest Android TV with built-in Google Assistant

- easy setup

- over three hours battery life 


The Cons: 

- More bulky and heavy than its predecessor

- Netflix can't be downloaded via Google TV store

- Slighly annoying auto-focus


Overall score: 7/10 

Price: US$579.99



The Pros: 

Harman Kardon Dual Speaker

- Quick autofocus

- Android TV


The Cons

- 540p resolution

- Only can stretch to 76'

- Only 3 hours battery life despite its size

Overall score: 7/10 

Price: US$899


Prima Portable Pocket Projector



The Pros

-  So thin and light like an iPhone

-  1080p resolution support

-  Stream Netflix directly


The Cons

- Ok sound, although it is noiseless

Could have longer battery life

Score: 8.5/10

Price: US$379


Let us know in the comments below what you think. If sound quality is your priority, a projector with Harman Kardon speakers would be a good bet. If your goal is the latest Android TV, then you can go with the one where Android TV takes over. If you want to maximize your budget, Prima Projector can give you the advantages of sleek projector without hurting your pocket.