Space-saving Tech Gadgets you Need for Your Next Travel


Tech Gadgets

Summer doesn't only mean taking out those bathing suits again and wearing flipflops, it also means stocking up on tech gadgets! Problem is, you only have a backpack and your space is so limited. Getting down to the basics doesn't mean foregoing the things you love the most; it means choosing gadgets wisely!

Let us help you out in finding the most portable gadgets out there. 

 1. A wireless powerbank


We all need to instagram those photos as soon as we take it right? Let your phone survive more than a day, and get this true wireless powerbank. Get that cable-free charging experience here.  

2. Wireless and waterproof earbuds

Wireless is all in the rage, and these earbuds are your gold find whenever your itinerary calls for land or water! No worries on getting your earbuds soaked in water, these earbuds are here to stay.  

3. Audio splitter 


Only have one gadget to watch that movie or hear that latest tune? This audio splitter will surely get the two of you closer together. It works with headphones and portable speaker only. Get it here

4. Portable projector

Speaking of sharing, why not limit it to two when you can share it to all people in the group? Slide this slim and portable projector in your bag or pocket and you'll never look back to crowding over small screens again. 

5. Organizer for digital accessories

No more twisted cords and cables. Get all your tech accessories organized in this shock-proof case. It fits nicely in your bag and saves you the hassles of finding those cable. Get your personal items and accessories in one place