Unique ways to Use your Pocket Projector

Mini projectors

Mini projectors have become a must for traveling--  all thanks to the portability and incredible functionality of the projector, you can take it wherever you go without the bulkiness. From having a theater-like an experience for watching movies to streaming YouTube videos on the big screen, there are many possible ways to use your mini projector. 


Get your point across with your own whiteboard


For the old school people out there, whiteboards are staple in every conference room. But do you know that you can make it more interactive with a pocket projector and a white wall? You can control the screen using your mouse, wiimote, or laser pointer. You just need a white wall and you're ready to have whiteboard wherever you go! 

Your own Laser Light Show

laser light show

Light shows are the highlight of many events. But let us tell you that you can save your money sans the crowd by creating your own light show. Just download the app called MusicBream, and you can create a laser light show at the comfort of your own home! Mini Projectors have their own software so you can download apps easily! 

Paint within the lines

home painting with projector

Remember when we were kids and we try not to color beyond the lines? Who knows that we can make it life-sized with the help of a pocket projector? Just project a white and black version of the image, trace the lines, and then paint it. You can now have fantastic mural in your house with the help of a mini projector

Gaming made more action packed

gaming projector

Bring the cinema-like experience into your gaming. Stream games from your phone, from Google Play apps, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC or Mac. Carry this portable projector with you and you'll never play games on a small screen ever again. 

Shadow Puppet Show

shadow puppet projevtor

Spark your kids' creativity with the help of a mini home projector and a whit background. Just project the light coming from the projector and have fun with shadow puppets. 

 Your creativity is not limited if you own a mini-projector! More than being great at watching your favorite movies, having it with you whenever you go increases the chances you'll have more fun! Make sure that your mini-projector is portable enough is thin and light enough to carry with you whenever you go!