A projector or a TV for your bedroom?

 portable projector
So you have your bedroom set up, but where is the TV? Can't move it from the living room? 
But buying another TV is certainly not a good idea. Could it be that a portable projector is more suitable for your bedroom? After all a pocket projector is a fraction of the cost of modern HD TVs, and you get the same entertainment experience! 
Here are some of the reasons why choosing a projector as an alternative to television works.

Perfect space solution for a bedroom

Space is an asset, that's why more and more projectors are built to be smaller, lighter, and less bulky. With that said, TV cannot fit it the bill, you either have to mount it to the wall, or you will need to have a stand that is bulky and cumbersome for the TV to be in the room. On the other hand, a projector just need a white wall and you are good to go! It makes use of your available space. 

Portable and light

You can't take your TV with you, nor fit in your bag! Pocket projectors are built as such so you can share a screen anywhere you go. It is perfect for backyard movie nights, or cuddling over a fireplace during a winter. Create this kind of ambiance in your own home. 

Pet and Child safe

Have you knocked (or almost) over a TV? We bet once in your lifetime you did! Because your film projector is small, compact and easy to store, you need not to worry about your younger brother or sister, or children and doggie tails knocking it over. As it happens, these modern Movie projectors are very durable and made to last. TV’s tend to be more fragile.

Upgrades movie nights

You don't need to spend on costly home theater systems, because all you need is a projector. Just take your Netflix app from your phone and share the screen through your projector. Look for a projector that has built-in software so you can cast apps from Google Play store. 


At this stage, if you are going to compare like for like in regards to screen size, then without a doubt the Projector is the way to go in regards to value for money. So for example, you can get an 80 inch TV screen which will cost you around $1500. Compare this to the 100-inch screen capacity of the Movie Projector and you will pay $1000 or less. Needless to say, screen size is often the deciding factor for purchase for entertainment at home. 

Resolution Quality

Because of the capacity for the size of the Movie Projector screen with Theatre Projectors, the resolution is much better than a TV.  This means with all the strain that we inflict on our eyes, which could be from our phones, iPads, laptops, and computers, the less eye strain the better and in this case the Projector actually benefits your eyesight, not harming it.

Space and entertainment don't need to be compromised. With multitude of portable gadgets you can choose from, you are sure to have entertainment on the go.