Your Easy Set-Up Home Theater System

Home Theater System

No matter how big or small your space is, there's always a room for entertainment. For all of us, our lazy Sundays or Saturdays are spent on binge watching our favorite shows or getting friends together for a sports or gaming match. 

Think of your home theater as your investment to life's satisfaction and happiness. No, we don't mean you spent thousands on the latest HD TV and sound equipment. We are talking about setting up a home-theater system that you can call your own. 

 First stop, let's talk about what you need to consider for a home theater system: 

  • The TV.  If you want that theater experience, a simple flatscreen TV might not be enough. Consider getting a 4K HDR TV, it might be costly in the beginning, but it's a total game changer. There's also smart TV, which makes it easier to stream audio, video, and has built-in Wifi, bluetooth, and so on. 
  • Your room size. If you live in a big city, chances are you don't have much space in your apartment. So the bigger your living room is, the larger you need your sound system to have a powerful surround sound as well. 
  • Streaming devices. How about listening to music while you were in hot tub? Wireless speakers that can share content across your rooms in the house is an ideal choice. 
  • Ease of set-up. There are already ready-made and ready-to-ship home theater systems available everywhere. But for sure that there is always a degree of customization needed. Speakers might not be what you want, or there are components that you feel are not needed, or might be out of your budget range. 

    So, what is the easy-set-up home theater system?

    Every home theater that you see has a movie projector present. TV is the most essential component of it all (obviously!). Here are some of the basic components you need:  

    • TV or projector and screen.
    • A content source (either audio or video)
    • home theater receiver. (Where the power and the brains originate. Also what everything connects to.)
    • Speakers

      But what if we tell you that you can just trim it down to two essential components? 

      • Portable Projector. With portable pocket projectors of today, you can easily stream from any source or directly from device. All you need is a flat surface and white wall and you are ready to go. 
      • Tripod. Some pocket projectors are made so light that you need a projector for it. 
      • Content Source. This could be from your USB, Mac, WIndows PC, PS4, Xbox, iPhone, or Android device. 

      With the three most essential components above, you can easily have your own home-theater system anytime, anywhere. From spending thousands of dollars, to just a few hundred bucks, you save space, time, and money.