5 Ways To Enjoy Time at Home with Portable Pocket Projector


Portable Pocket Projector

Let's be honest: being at home can get dull after a few days. You're trapped inside, with nothing new to do or no people to meet and greet.

However, it doesn't always have to be this way. Luckily, modern-day technology always comes to our aid when we need it, especially for entertainment purposes.

We're talking about a portable pocket projector that can be put to many creative uses and help save you from boredom. Be it enjoying some time alone or having a fun few hours with your family; it can come in handy in many situations.

In this post, we'll list down five fun and creative ways you can use them to spend some quality leisure time. We'll also talk about why portable projectors are the niftiest little home entertainment devices that you can own. Read on to know more!

Why is a Portable Pocket Projector the Go-to Option for Having Fun at Home?

Portable pocket projectors like the Prima pocket projector are the next best big thing when it comes to home entertainment. It's quickly becoming a go-to option for homes and even offices. Not sure why? Here are some awesome reasons:

They're Very Pocket-able

It's the 2020s, and we're throwing big and bulky projectors out of the window. A mini pocket projector is the easiest way to enjoy watching stuff at home. With most models fitting in the palm of your hands, you can easily use them just about anywhere.

mini pocket projector

Slip them in your pocket and carry them to any room of the house, your backyard, or even your workplace. You can also carry one to your next travel destination, so you don't have to miss out on big screens.

The small size and lightweight of these nifty little devices make them super easy to use for just about anything, anywhere, anytime. 

They're Smart

Don't judge portable projectors over their tiny size, though. Being the epitome of advanced technologies, most of these devices come equipped with smart features. These features enable them to make quick connections and let you stream smoothly.

best portable projector

For instance, the Prima projector has a fully functional 64-bit android quad-core processor that lets you use millions of apps on Google Play. You can connect it using Bluetooth or WiFi to any device without the need for unnecessary and annoying cables.

On top of all that, these projectors can give a satisfying result in terms of display, especially when it's time for a movie night.

Pocket Projectors are Hassle-free 

One of the biggest reasons why portable projectors are all the rage these days is due to the convenience they offer.

The frustrating set up of most big projectors often seems counter-intuitive - you're looking to have an enjoyable time, not stress over angles and cables.

Unlike bulky projectors, these devices can be set up anywhere. Be it a coffee table, over a couple of books, or even on the floor - their tiny size allows them to stand anywhere and start projecting.

Moreover, their portability allows you to set up a home theatre with ease. No more shifting your speakers just so the cables can reach the projector or adjusting angles with tedious steps. You can set them up according to your room's design, and whatever position floats your boat.

Plus, most mini projectors are WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, so they're super connective. They can wirelessly connect to almost any device, making set up a breeze.

They're Inexpensive

The versatility of portable pocket projectors and their small size may make it seem like they're super expensive. But surprisingly, that's not the case with most of them.

Having an easy-to-use device that gives unlimited entertainment doesn't have to be expensive. This is why most portable pocket projectors cost twice and even thrice as less as bigger models.

You may not get the ultra 4K display with some smaller portable projectors, but a good 1080p display is not hard to find. And with the ease of use they offer, it's quite a bargain.

They Have a Rechargeable Battery

Being portable obviously means that the device will need an internal battery to power it up. This option makes it possible for you to use the projector for long hours just about anywhere.

smart wifi projector

Most portable projectors have a lithium-ion battery that you can recharge, and it lasts for up to two or three hours, or even more. This will enable you to use it in a room where plugging it in a wall socket would prove tricky or where there's no outlet, such as your backyard.

And in case you run out of battery, you can simply charge them with a power bank or use a wall socket to continue with your activity for as long you want.

5 Creative Ways to Make Use of a Portable Projector At Home 

Portable home projectors aren't just limited to watching movies and shows on a big screen.

With the versatility they offer, you can use them in various ways to enjoy time alone or have some family fun. We'll guide you on how you can put them to use below:

1. Watch Recipes and Cook Along

In recent times, cooking has been one of the most popular pass time activities, with every other person turning into a home chef. Watching Gordon Ramsey on YouTube and following along can help you cook delicious restaurant-style dishes without having to go out.

best portable projector

But if you've been on a cooking journey, you must have faced one particular problem: the tiny screen of your smartphone or tablet makes it hard to keep up with what's happening in the video.

And unless you've got a TV in your kitchen, you'll want something bigger to watch and follow the recipe.

Enter portable projectors, which you can set up anywhere in your kitchen to follow along with your favorite show's recipes on the big screen. As long as you've got an empty wall in your kitchen, you can project the video with ease.

Use a tripod stand or anything stable to mount the projector at a suitable height and let the video play. However, make sure it's out of the way from any source of water or steam, which might damage the projector.

Alternatively, you can use a projector to paint along with your favorite Bob Ross videos. Having a big display can make it easier to follow the steps, unlike a phone or a tablet where you might miss out on details.

Once again, ensure you've set up the device well away from water or paints to avoid spillage and damage. 

2. Paint On a Wall 

Speaking of paintings, you might want to push your creative skills during this time and paint on your wall. This can be a cool way to add some decor to an empty wall in any room of the house while also letting those creative juices flow in your brain.

Paint On a Wall

More commonly known as a mural, a painting on the wall can also be done with kids to keep them busy for days.

However, it's not always easy to accomplish this task. Getting the right proportions when drawing can prove quite tricky, especially in a large area like a wall.

A portable pocket projector can come in handy for such tasks. First, connect your projector to a PC or smart device and power on both gadgets. Next, select the image on your computer that you wish to draw on the wall.

Point your mini projector over to the wall and set the image at a suitable angle. You may have to use a small table or a shelf to project the image from the correct height.

Alternatively, use a tall tripod stand to set your projector. If your projector comes with keystone adjustment or lens shift, you won't have to worry about this.

Once that's done, you can easily trace out the projected image on the wall. Adjust contrast or brightness accordingly to trace out any details, and voilà, you've got a perfectly proportioned drawing on the wall. 

3. Bring Gaming to Life 

There's nothing quite like the experience of gaming on the big screen. And we're talking extra huge - a 100 to 200-inch screen can't compare with even the big TVs you might own.

pocket projector

It immerses you in the game and puts you right in the middle of the action. Having a big screen may even help spot enemies better and give you an edge.

You can easily have this experience at home with a portable projector of any kind and your gaming console.

Game in the comfort of your bedroom, lounge, or anywhere in the house as long as you can plug your gaming console into a power source.

You'll just have to ensure that your projector has an HDMI port and you have an HDMI cable around. Use this cable to connect your projector to your gaming console, and turn on both devices.

Next, set the input source on your projector's menu to 'HDMI,' and it'll start displaying whatever game you wish to play.

Additionally, you might want to connect your projector to a set of external speakers for the ultimate gaming experience. You can either do this wirelessly (if your projector supports it) or use the jack on your projector to connect any sort of external speakers.

Set the projector and its display settings to your liking, and that's all. Just make sure you mount the projector somewhere stable where it won't topple off mid-game. 

4. Movie Night in the Backyard

Watching movies in your bedroom or TV lounge can quickly become boring. If you're looking for a change or want to spend a hot summer night with some beer outside, a portable projector can help you set up an outdoor movie theatre.

mini portable projector

Whether it's your backyard or courtyard, their portability enables you to set them up anywhere.

Enjoy the massive screen with a romantic movie under the starry sky, or watch an action-filled show with the kids - either way, you're guaranteed a memorable night.

Even though you can project on just about any sort of wall, it might not be the best choice. With a brick wall, wood shingles, or a similar surface, the uneven texture may not offer the best display.

Ideally, we'd recommend hanging a projector screen for the best visual experience. But if that's not available, you can hang a white sheet over a wall.

However, even a light breeze can cause the sheet to move around, disrupting the display. So we suggest nailing all four corners of the sheet onto the wall.

Haul your patio furniture or whatever is available into the area outside. Next, set up the projector on a small table and use its angle adjusting capabilities to achieve the correct height.

Lastly, connect some wireless Bluetooth speakers to your portable projector, and you're good to go.

5. Immersive Yoga Experience 

With the current situation of the world, most people have had to make do with at-home workout sessions.

Immersive Yoga Experience

But in case you wish to video call with your personal trainer or follow along with Bob Harper or any other trainer for that matter, there's nothing like a projector to make the experience very life-like.

Most portable projectors, like the Prima projector, will allow you to cast from your smartphone or tablet directly. Hence, you can have a smooth video-calling experience and keep up with each step in real-time with your trainer projected on a massive screen.

Alternatively, you can project peaceful images and videos in front of you to do some yoga in a calming, relaxing environment.

Sit in the middle of greenery or have a waterfall in front of you - a portable projector makes it possible to project anything, anywhere.


The list doesn't end here, though. There's so much more you can do with a projector, as long as it's portable, small, and lightweight. For instance, if you can't go out to enjoy fireworks on new year's eve, just project some on your wall for a 200-inch, bright display.

Or, you can get creative and project images of a starry sky on your ceiling for the kids. Narrate some bedtime stories or enjoy naming the stars - either way, you're bound to delight your kids with a bright and large display.

And the best part? You won't have to fuss over cables or tiresome setup procedures. Portable projectors make entertainment easy and stress-free, just as it should be.