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What is the Best Home Cinema Projector to Buy in 2021?

Home cinema projectors are swiftly rising in popularity. While there are many great options in the market for your dream home cinema setup, it's no secret that some are better than others. Prima’s portable smart projector has all the markings of a modern smart gadget. It’s small, sleek, has Bluetooth and WiFi, and you can set it up wherever you want.

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Android Powered Processor Portable Smart Projector | Prima Projector

A smart projector is exactly what it sounds like - smart. Just like your smartphone or tablet that is equipped with everything convenient, a smart projector is enabled with WiFi and other technologies, making your life easy. This post will discuss everything about a smart WiFi projector. What technology do they use? What can they offer you that's better than typical projectors? Read on to know more!

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5 Ways To Enjoy Time at Home with Portable Pocket Projector

We're talking about a portable pocket projector that can be put to many creative uses and help save you from boredom. Be it enjoying some time alone or having a fun few hours with your family; it can come in handy in many situations. In this post, we'll list down five fun and creative ways you can use them to spend some quality leisure time. We'll also talk about why portable projectors are the niftiest little home entertainment devices that you can own. Read on to know more!

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