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Portable Smart Projector

Have you ever owned a bulky projector? Then you must know the struggle.

Having a home theatre is great, but with all the hassle that comes with typical projectors, sometimes it may not seem worth it. They're hard to move around, difficult to set up, and the slightest movement can ruin the entire display.

You want something quick and easy to work with, super flexible when it comes to placement, and highly connective.

So experts came up with the genius solution of a smart projector that makes your life easy while providing the ultimate entertainment experience.

This post will discuss everything about a smart WiFi projector. What technology do they use? What can they offer you that's better than typical projectors? Read on to know more!

What is a Smart WiFi Projector?

A smart projector is exactly what it sounds like - smart. Just like your smartphone or tablet that is equipped with everything convenient, a smart projector is enabled with WiFi and other technologies, making your life easy.

Smart WiFi Projector

Unlike regular projectors, portable smart projectors have a processor of their own. They can work independently without you having to connect them to any video source.

Pretty cool, isn't it? Moreover, they're portable, very connective, and a breeze to set up.

Android Powered Prima Projector

Android Powered Prima Projector

One of the most significant features of a smart projector is their ability to work on their own. With different operating systems embedded within their body, smart projectors can run independently without the need for video input.

For instance, take the Prima projector as an example. It's equipped with a 64-bit android powered processor, which turns it into a kind of smartphone (not to forget it's sized like one, too).

Prima projector

This allows you to access the Play Store and run almost three million apps without any difficulty.

So all you'll have to do to watch your favorite show is turn on the projector, open the Play store and download Netflix or whatever streaming service you use. Log in to your account using Prima's touch display, and voilà - it'll start projecting whatever show you wish to watch.

Just imagine it as a smart TV or phone that has a display of 200 inches. When you compare this to the hassle people go through with regular projectors, a smart projector starts to look like a worthy investment. 

Features of a Portable Smart Projector

Having a built-in processor isn't the only thing you get with smart projectors. Several other characteristics that aren't available with most regular projectors will convince you to get these nifty, genius devices. Here are just a few of them discussed in detail:

Connecting to the Internet

Considering how they're supposed to be 'smart' projectors, it's obvious that these devices come with internet connectivity. But what you may not realize is the extent to which this makes things easier for you.

Not only can you download streaming apps and watch shows directly, but it also allows you to use other apps. For instance, you can open Google Chrome, stream whatever video, or watch your favorite YouTubers using the YouTube app or even YouTube TV.

Moreover, having this ability also allows the projector to connect with other devices wirelessly. We'll discuss this in more detail later in the post.

Ports, Ports, Ports 

Having a smart projector shouldn't mean you have to let go of conventional ways. This kind of device should be able to support the latest technologies as well as old devices.

Otherwise, it wouldn't prove to be very convenient, would it?

smart projector

This is why most smart projectors come equipped with lots of ports, along with having wireless and Bluetooth technology.

The most common ones are HDMI and USB, which will allow you to connect laptops, computers, speakers, and other devices to your projector.

The Prima projector, on the other hand, offers a multitude of ports. It has two USB ports, HDMI, micro SD, TF, a headphone jack, and DC5V - everything you could ever need to connect consoles, tablets, speakers, etc. 

Perfectly Portable

One of the biggest reasons smart projectors are all the rage these days is their size. Most of these projectors are half the size and weight of conventional projectors and can easily be carried around.

For instance, the Prima projector is one of the smallest yet smartest projectors you can get your hands on. It fits into the palm of your hands, as it's about the size of a small smartphone. You can slip it into your pocket and take it to work or even travel the world.

Perfectly Portable

This, of course, means that you can set up this device just about anywhere. Unlike conventional projectors, you can place these in any part of the house - your lounge, bedroom, backyard - you name it.

There won't be any wires holding the device down, and the small size will ensure that the device remains steady. Plus, smart projectors have a short throw distance. This means that you can keep it pretty close to the screen or wall, and it'll blow up the image to as big as you want it to be.  

Rechargeable Batteries 

Speaking of portability, a smart projector always comes with a rechargeable li-ion battery so you can use it without having to plug into a power source. The good ones offer a long battery life - up to three hours - so you can watch your favorite movies without any interruption.

When it needs to charge, you can use a power bank to charge it without relocating to a nearby power socket. Do you see what we meant by convenience?

You wouldn't be able to do that with a regular projector that requires a multitude of cables and connections to work. 

Connecting to Other Devices 

Being smart means offering lots of conveniences, which is why these projectors are super connective.

They're not only WiFi-enabled but also come with the latest Bluetooth technology. This means you can connect any device to this projector, be it with a USB port or wirelessly.

Wireless connections also enable these devices to mirror the screen of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. So you've got lots of options - cast using screen mirroring, connect any device via cables, or use the projector's own apps to stream

Easy Controls 

A smart projector will usually come with a touch-screen that you can use to control it. Resembling an actual smartphone, these controls make it super easy to navigate through the menu and select whatever you want to watch.

The Prima projector not only comes with an LCD touch display but also offers a remote so you can use the device without having to move an inch.


Even though most people wouldn't expect a speaker with such a small device, the technology never fails to surprise us. Despite being already feature-packed, smart projectors come with speakers of their own, making it feel like a smartphone more than ever.

Although you'd probably need a more dynamic sound system, you can always use these speakers in a pinch.

For instance, if you're in a hotel with nothing good to watch, you can use these travel-friendly devices on their own. No speakers, no streaming sticks - you just need a WiFi connection, and you're good to go 

Keystone Adjustment

A lot of the fuss that comes with traditional projectors is related to their display settings. Shifting lenses or getting the perfect angle can prove quite tricky, which is why smart projectors eliminate the problem altogether.

You get automatic keystone adjustment so that no matter what angle you set the device on, it'll look like a perfect rectangle on the screen or wall.

Moreover, many devices also come with autofocus, so your image will have the optimum sharpness automatically, just as it does on your phone's camera.

High Resolution

Don't judge these devices by their small size, though. They can produce super bright, sharp, and gorgeous displays in HD quality. With high lumens and resolution, you'll achieve a beautiful display even if you set the screen size to 200 inches.

So be sure to check the number of lumens your smart projector comes with.

Most can display a perfectly beautiful 1080p HD video without any issues. Why go for huge and hard to work with devices when you can get the same quality with these nifty projectors?


It all comes to price in the end, doesn't it? Surprisingly, these smart WiFi projectors don't cost more than conventional projectors, despite offering so much more. In fact, a lot of them will be lighter on your pocket and prove to be worth every buck.


The debate between a regular and smart projector could go on forever. But the truth is, both kinds of devices suit different preferences. If you're someone who looks for convenience and portability over professional home theatre setups, then smart projectors are your best bet.

Considering the feature-rich design of these devices, it's safe to say that smart projectors are the future of home theatres.

But it doesn't end there - you can use them in your office or college for presentations, take them on your camping trips, and do loads of other stuff. All thanks to the tiny but heavy-duty processors in them, home-cinemas are finally becoming smart.

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