Gadgets that do Multitasking for You

Gadgets that do Multitasking for You

Between busy work days, looking after family and trying to keep up with friends, it’s getting harder and harder to carve out those little slices of time just for yourself.

So it’s only natural we’re looking for the best bang for our buck when it comes to the products we use each and every day. If we can find something that does the job of two (or three!) things in one, then it’s worth our while.

1.Wallet Ninja


This tool fits in your wallet, but won't add bulk to it. It is sized like a credit card and recommended for every DIY person in all of us. It can be a bottle opener, box opener, cellphone stand, eyeglass screwdriver, nail puller, fruit peeler (!), and all the things you can or cannot imagine. 

2. Egg and Muffin Toaster



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So why not throw in your favorite muffin and egg into ONE toaster while you are in the shower. It has automatic on/off switch so your egg and muffin cooks just the way you like it. 

3. Swiss Knife


What is multitasking without the trusty Swiss Knife? It has evolved over the years, from four simple tools for your quick repairs, 33 kinds so you can be such a champ! Whether you'd be deep in wilderness or in the house, this pocket knife is your toolbox. 

4. Pocket Projector


Nowadays, projectors are used not only for watching movies or gaming, it can also be used in a variety of ways, just read our guide on creative uses for a projector here. It can be used as an interactive whiteboard, light shows, puppets, or even your own TV anywhere you go. 

5. Mood lighting and speaker in one 

Listen for the music, tap for the light! Turn you room into a relaxing atmosphere with this bluetooth speaker and lighting in one. It also displays nicely in your room, you have a lampshade and speaker in one. 

6. Protective phone case that can also perfect your selfie

We've all been there: you're trying to snap the perfect selfie but the lighting is just a little... off. Or perhaps you've dropped your device one too many times, only to struggle with having a cracked screen for months. This drop-resistant phone case has front and back lights so you can capture that selfie.