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Prima Projector Black Friday Deals

In less than two weeks, we are going to see again Black Friday Deals on the Internet. Time for planning ahead and doing early Christmas shopping! Here is a sneak peek of what Prima Projector has for you:   1. X% discount Prima is on a limited sale of $399 (originally $799), but we give additional 20% discounts from time to time. Who knows this Black Friday could even be lower? Can it be 25%? 30%? 35%? Just stay tuned for our announcements via Facebook or email.   2. Buy a Prima Projector and get a free accessory?  Because you want entertainment anywhere, we have USB, 120” projector screen, and mini HDMI to HDMI cable, so you can stream any content from...

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Black Friday 2019 Tech Deals-- Our Prediction

  Black Friday always kickoff the holidays (and shopping!) season. This season is surely a big time for retailers and customers, as deals on tech, home, apparel, and accessories abound the Internet.  So what are the deals that you should take advantage of? First, take a second thought on those deals that are available in-store only, or those that makes you line up. They are most likely available in limited quantities. The best deals are those that are available online. So save your time, savor that turkey, and shop from the comforts of your living room.  We don't have the best deals yet, but we have some always dependable deals that are sure to have something for you this Black Friday...

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Best Projector Accessories

After scouring the internet for the best projector out there, you are now ready to set up your own multimedia entertainment. As entertainment enthusiasts, we at Prima Projector are always searching for the best accessories to add to our living room or even on the go! So read on as we give you pieces of advice on what accessories are musts for your pocket projector.  HDMI cables and switches Yes, your home theater equipment probably came with HDMI cables, so you don't have to buy new ones. But if your projector is going to be on your ceiling and your equipment is going to be at floor level, you may need to buy a longer cable anyway. If you want to make your...

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Best Art Projectors For Your Next Project

Early on, we talked about creative uses for a projector, such as interactive whiteboard, having your own laser light show, and using it as a background for artist canvas. But little did we know that projectors for artist is serious stuff.  Artists and content creators rely on several tools to produce the best kind of content/art. Think about it that art is not on a smooth canvas or wall, it could be on any uneven surface.  Things to Look for Before Buying an Artist Projector BrightnessMany consumer-grade projector units provide images that are too washed out to be very useful for artists. If you plan on tracing images projected onto a screen, then you need a bulb that can provide good...

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Home upgrades that are really SMART

  Home itself is a pretty big investment, so when purchasing furniture or gadgets for your home, it is worth considering is it really worth it in the long run. For example, is buying a smart TV for the living room worth it? Or you'd pretty much watch in your bedroom?  In this article, we give you a rundown on seven gadgets that we found to be worth your hard-earned money. Take note, that these gadgets are not necessarily cheap, but they sure to payoff in the long run.  7 Smart Home Upgrades That are worth your $$$ 1) Smart Thermostat With the heat waves and winter storms attacking us in the middle of the seasons, it is no wonder that our...

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