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A projector or a TV for your bedroom?

So you have your bedroom set up, but where is the TV? Can't move it from the living room?  But buying another TV is certainly not a good idea. Could it be that a portable projector is more suitable for your bedroom? After all a pocket projector is a fraction of the cost of modern HD TVs, and you get the same entertainment experience!  Here are some of the reasons why choosing a projector as an alternative to television works. Perfect space solution for a bedroom Space is an asset, that's why more and more projectors are built to be smaller, lighter, and less bulky. With that said, TV cannot fit it the bill, you either have to mount it...

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Apps and gadgets to help you survive this school year

We're like counting days and it's almost the end of summer. But it doesn't mean that you have to endure another school year without having fun! Here are some "survival tools" you need to get you through this year.    1. Headspace App Touted at the "App of the Year", thousands of people has benefited from scheduled time alone anytime of the day. We prepare for everything, might as well prepare for challenges ahead.    2. Beats Pill  A portable speaker is a must for every backpack out there. From your dorm room to classroom, you'll never gonna know when you need it.    3. Microsoft Surface Go Perfect for on-the-go presentations and note-taking, this touchscreen tablet is light, portable, and...

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Your Easy Set-Up Home Theater System

No matter how big or small your space is, there's always a room for entertainment. For all of us, our lazy Sundays or Saturdays are spent on binge watching our favorite shows or getting friends together for a sports or gaming match.  Think of your home theater as your investment to life's satisfaction and happiness. No, we don't mean you spent thousands on the latest HD TV and sound equipment. We are talking about setting up a home-theater system that you can call your own.   First stop, let's talk about what you need to consider for a home theater system:  The TV.  If you want that theater experience, a simple flatscreen TV might not be enough. Consider getting a 4K...

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Gadgets for the Lazy in All of us

Laziness doesn't only mean exerting less to no effort in doing something. Nowadays it means finding ways we can fit in more things in less time. Or finding stuff that can do us two things at the same time. For "the lazies" in all of us, remote control is the king. We scoured the internet for the gadgets that brings out that laziness.  1. Have you house cleaned with robot vacuum cleaners Not only this vacuum cleaner cleans all the dust, lint, pet hair, dander, and allergens, it is also self-cleaning. It is easy to use and have a 'sensor navigation' so it can go through your pile of stuff.      2. Let a robot take charge of cleaning...

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Gadgets that do Multitasking for You

Between busy work days, looking after family and trying to keep up with friends, it’s getting harder and harder to carve out those little slices of time just for yourself. So it’s only natural we’re looking for the best bang for our buck when it comes to the products we use each and every day. If we can find something that does the job of two (or three!) things in one, then it’s worth our while. 1.Wallet Ninja   This tool fits in your wallet, but won't add bulk to it. It is sized like a credit card and recommended for every DIY person in all of us. It can be a bottle opener, box opener, cellphone stand, eyeglass screwdriver,...

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