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Announcing our "Refer-a-friend" Program

We love hearing from you! Your referrals are the best way to let us know how we are doing. We strive to earn each of your referrals with our superior product. As a way to say thank you, we are proud to announce our new “Refer-a-friend” program. For each referral you give, we will send you a 15% cashback, and your referral will also get a 15% off their purchase of Prima Projector.  How does it work?  1. Join and sign up here. It is fast, easy, and free!  2. Promote your link. Share your unique referral link in social media, and other platforms to refer more friends.  3. Earn money. We value your recommendations. You earn 15% cashback of the every sale...

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What are the most common projector issues?

You have your projector ready, packed it in your suitcase, but you just realized that it's not working. Is it charged? Is one of the parts missing? Read on about how to troubleshoot common projector issues.  Take note that the best projectors out there offer a warranty of one year. It guarantees the replacement or repair within a specified period of time.    1. Overheating Tp produce the best contrast and brightness as possible, projectors need power. The brighter the resolution needs to be, the higher the amount of power needs to be produced. Hence some projectors tend to have some noise-- which is the cooling system in the works. IF your projector doesn't produce any noise, then it means the...

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Prima Projector Reviews

You might be curious about what the tech community is saying about Prima Projector. Well, we rounded up the top 5 most recent reviews from our dear customers.  “Run the Google Play Store in it and you’ll be amazed” - Lyka Fara, July 8, 2019  Most people check out ANSI lumens and resolution of portable projectors. But what they could be missing is the ability of Prima to stream apps directly from Google Play Store! Ease of use and portability is important too, after all, what is a device without any content in it?  “Surprised with its performance” - Jake Dunk, June 28, 2019 Sized like an iPhone 7s, you would be surprised that you are holding a projector in...

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